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    Jovan Ilic – * Bons * is a drum ‘n’ bass DJ and producer from Novi Sad – Serbia.
    He learned about drum ‘and’ bass (Neurofunk) through his older brother back in 2005 and has been cultivating a love of hard sounds and massive Reese bass ever since.
    He started DJing in 2011, soon after that and production, the first EP was released with the group Colony called Science Fiction in August 2017 for the release of Warfare Recordings.
    In Bons sets, you can hear not only Neurofunk sound but also many other sub-genres such as Minimal, Roller, etc.
    Bons has a unique production style where you can find many samples from domestic films-video games combined with very strong and aggressive bases.
    His songs have been supported and played by the big names of the Drum and Bass scene, and some of them are (Jade, Mindscape, Mizo, Maztek, Abis (ex-June Miller), Tobax, and many others)
    There are currently 13 record labels on his back, some of them are (Close 2 Death, Boei Audio, Raving Panda Records, and many others…)
    Currently released a new album called Demogorgon in association with Kerizma mc from England, the record label that signed that EP is DNB Database from Slovakia.


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    Bons – Demogorgon EP

    Our family is growing fast, and I'm very pleased to welcome the newest member from Serbia - Bons. This Neurofunk beast delivered the two single EP, with one song featuring Kerizma MC.