Eatbrain – Divergence II


The second installment of the neurofunk compilation Divergence II on the Hungarian label Eatbrain is coming.

There are 16 tracks from the Eatbrain Horde on LP. There are well-known faces such as Agressor Bunx, Mizo, Fourward, as well as unseen faces like Psynchro, 2Whales, who won a remix contest on Jade’s song Man Eating Lizard Dragon and got the remix into this compilation, Tide or ClashTone. Even a Slovak Kutlo has his track on the compilation.


  1. Hidden Forms – Rotor
  2. Kolt – Mountains of Madness
  3. Zombie Cats – Lost
  4. Mizo – Molten Heart
  5. Clashtone – Pretender
  6. Jade – Man Eating Lizard Dragon (2Whales Remix)
  7. Tide & Kodin – Mouth
  8. Tobax – Burning VIP
  9. Agressor Bunx – Pop Up
  10. Burr Oak – Orbit
  11. Fourward – Torn Place VIP
  12. Cod3x – Ravioli
  13. Joe Ford & Shrike – Face Dancer
  14. Kutlo – Short Wire
  15. Liveon – Basso Ostinato
  16. Psynchro – Neogen

You can buy or stream the album via this link.


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