Help Zagreb and get a piece of music from Nausika


Nausika, a duo originating from UK and Croatia created a GoGetFunding campaign for Zagreb Earthquake Appeal. If you support it, you can get a track for your donation.

In today’s world, when the Covid 19 disease is fully raging around the world, another tragedy happened in Croatia. The biggest earthquake in 140 years, hit the city of Zagreb, adding to the mess caused by the virus.

Thanks to the fundraiser, created by the half Croatian duo – Nausika, you can support the appeal and get a song called Zagreb Nights with it.

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—– Aron:
What happened last week in Zagreb was horrible. The biggest earthquake here in 140 years. Most people are safe thankfully, but a lot people have lost everything….homes, cars, businesses, jobs. Babies were born on the street, numerous are injured and worst of all a young child unfortunately passed away and another is currently in a critical condition fighting for their life.

In addition the panic has caused a further 206 cases (at least) of Coronavirus have been recorded due to communities coming together, adding further struggle and difficulty to the situation. To make matters worse, the hospitals to treat these people are some of the most badly affected buildings.

It’s really sad to see this happening to the people and city who have welcomed me so warmly over the past year, and we want to do what we can to give back.

Our song Zagreb Nights was inspired from walking around this amazing city after dark, and taking in what a warm, exciting and wonderfully eclectic place it is to live. Its a song that’s very special to me and it would be my pleasure to give this to the people of Zagreb.

This track is available to buy now via GoGetFunding, with all proceeds going to Zagreb Earthquake Relief which is set-up to support:

1. Zagreb’s hospitals so they can continue in their efforts of helping citizens, while sustaining a COVID-19 outbreak.

2. Families identified as the ones who are in the biggest need of financial support.

Simply donate to the cause via GoGetFunding, and you will receive a private link to download the track:

We are currently working with the organisers of this fundraiser, who have already done an incredible job, to ensure this money gets to those who need it most and in the most effective manner –

If you have ANY questions, please do not hesitate to get in touch,

Thank you for your support and any donation is welcome. Please share.

*Huge thanks to Filip Motovunski for donating his excellent mastering services and Lucijan Hancic for translation.



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