Sad news from the scene, Ebow Enyan Graham aka Metropolis, member of the Foreign Beggars has passed away.

Foreign Beggars is a group that consists of members Orifice Vulgatron (vocals), Metropolis (vocals), DJ Nonames (turntables), and Dag Nabbit (producer). Together with Noisia, they released collaboration album “I am the Legion” on 2. September 2013. The group evolved from underground hip-hop to more electronic and experimental genres. The latest release by Foreign Beggars was hip-hop laden LP Matriarchy, released in December 2019.

Dear friends, it is with the heaviest heart we inform you that our brother Ebow Enyan Graham suffered from an accident at home, and passed away in the early hours yesterday morning.

There is currently a crowdfunding campaign beign made to help his son. The campaign is capped at 50.000 pounds, currently at the number 7 thousand with help beign made by nearly 180 people.


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