Who is Katritek?


The time has come to continue the series of “Who is” interviews. This time the invitation was accepted by our good friend and producer “Katritek”. In this interview, we will talk about his personal and musical life.


Hi, thank you for taking the time for us. Can you briefly introduce yourself to people who don’t know you?

Hi, so my name is Katritek and I’m drum & bass DJ & producer from Považská Bystrica. I have been active in producing since I was 18 and I still enjoy it.

Do you remember your first party where you played?

Of course, it was a small party in Považská Bystrica at Planet Music Club and the party was called Hard Temptation.

What is your favorite club and why?

My top clubs are both closed Subclub (BA) and Element (PD), which makes me really sad, but I really like it in Zlaté Moravce (Quadraton), where I will play the next party.

TOP 5 tracks, that you play?

Will you play at some interesting party in the near future?

Yes, I’m really looking forward to Demolition, April 24th in Trnava, where I will play after the Receptor.

Have you played at any major event / festival?

Fortune Festival, Trident Open Air.

Do you prefer club atmosphere or festivals?

Festivals are TOP, there is no better music than with friends in the fresh air.

Do you like MCs in the set?

Yes, I really like good MC’s, but not in my sets, I play 180 BPM or more.

What does your casual day look like?

Classical stereotype, work, girlfriend, dog, hedgehog, canary, studio and when time remains friends and longboard.

Katritek at Fourtune festival

How do you play? Do you mix 100 tracks per minute or do you prefer to let the set run freely?

Here and there some mashups, but I usually do the “storyline” of my set, by selecting music for the people on the floor, because I do it for them.

What about you and the production, how did you get started?

It started with hip-hop beats, which I wanted to know how does someone make them.

Are you inspired by someone in production?

It’s always about what’s in me. The muse must kick me, it is not possible without it. It always comes from inside me.

Do you remember your first track?

The first that was popular among the people was Katritek – Závislosť (Addiction). I was really surprised to see how many people liked it, even without them knowing me.

Have you tried to produce anything other than drum & bass?

Yes, I did. I am currently running the CVT project – where I produce grime, trap beats to young rappers from my neighborhood.

What does it look like in your studio, do you use any equipment or could you recommend something?

The basis is a good PC with good performance, quality sound card and studio monitors. I have M-audio Oxygen 25 keyboards and Korg oscillator.

What program do you produce and use any VST?

FL studio & VST – Serum, Surge and Sylenth.

Can we expect a new release in the near future?

Yes, at the moment I have started a collab with a producer from Slovakia, but so far I will not disclose anything specifically.

Do you work somewhere or do you pursue purely music?

I would like to say no, but I also have to work, but music is my priority and has always been in the first place.

What do you enjoy in your spare time?

Girlfriend, playstation, longboard, dog.

What are your favorite labels?

DNB Database is best of the best.

What are your favorite producers?

  • Lucio De Rimanez
  • Halucinator
  • Limewax
  • The Panacea
  • Donny

Do you also follow our local scene, is there someone you value or do you like their work?

Dykman & Dekel are going well now and I’m also digging ExRer very much.

Your favorite song right now (even outside dnb)?

It’s older, but I’m still going C-Netik – Corona Virus.

Your favorite alcohol / drink?


Do you have any party you like to remember?

“Bassky” were the greatest.

What can we find now in your playlist except dnb?

I’m listening to hip hop and Goa catches my heart.

Do you prefer turntables, console or CD player?

CD Players are TOP, just stick in a USB and you are ready. It has the most options and are easy to use, which I am used to.

Your dream job?

Of course DJ, somewhere in St. Petersburg.

How do you see your future?

I try to live in the present.

The biggest fail or cringe situation that happened to you at the event?

In Topolčany, I ruined the speakers, which I’m still very sorry for.

Do you have a favorite holiday destination or a place you would like to visit?


Summer or Winter?


Beer or Wine?


Tea or Coffee?


Do you have any tattoos?

A few of them, for example, I have tattooed “No smoking” on my stomach.

What’s your favorite food?

Everything that doesn’t eat me.

I would like to thank Katritek for the interview and be sure to follow him on his social networks, Facebook, SoundCloud & Spotify.


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