Who is Simple Souls?


After a little summer break, we continue our series of interviews “Who’s?” with Peter from Simple Souls. In the interview, you will learn how his nickname came about, how it looks in his studio or what beer he likes to drink. Read on!


Hi Peter, thank you for taking the time for us. Can you briefly introduce yourself to people who don’t know you?

Hi Andrej, very gladly. My name is Peter, and together with two musicians (Ján – Guitar, Zdeno – Saxophone), I am engaged in creating and playing good music good for chill and dancing.

Why “Simple Souls”?

When I was thinking about how we will call this project, it occurred to me that the music we wanted to do was quite vibe oriented and, in a way, quite simple and repetitive, but that it wasn’t a soulless pottering. Somehow Simple Souls came out as a nice idea. On SoundCloud, I didn’t find anyone with that name and it was decided.

Do you remember your first party where you played?

At the age of 16, I accidentally stood at a home party for a 2 channel mix connected to 2 Discmans. Half an hour later, the whole house danced.

What is your favorite club and why?

I like to play in Prague in Acropolis because there is no audience who wants to listen to Dead Limit on repeat.

TOP 5 tracks you play?

Will you play well at some interesting party in the near future?

September 20 there will be a good event in Cross; Digital Cross – where almost everyone who likes dnb comes into their own, as upstairs will be the Sinister Souls and the bottom will be deepy (headliner OaT). But I will not stick to deep and play a colorful and fun set good for dancing.

Have you played at any major event / festival?

This year, for example, on Saturday, I played before Maduk on the main stage at Trident, it was great. Since then my nervousness has dropped by about 50% before playing, because for as many people as it was there at the end of my set, I probably won’t play that much.

Simple Souls at Trident festival | foto: Bushman Media

Do you prefer a club atmosphere or festivals?

100% festivals.

Do you like MCs in the set?

A good MC in a DJ set is like mustard for a good hotdog, so yes very much.

What does your normal day look like?

Girlfriend, dog, music, skateboard, job, food, culture, beer, sleep. Prague life.

How do you play? Do you mix 100 tracks per minute or do you prefer to let the set run freely?

It depends, a good DJ should know both.

What about you and music production, how did you start?

When I was about 15, my friend brought me a CD full of games and with it FL Studio 3, and it seemed like a more meaningful activity than playing PC games.

Did you start producing or playing first?

Producing, there was no money for a two-channel mix and two Discmans 😀

I know you had a break from producing a couple of years, why?

The break was when I went to live in the UK for a few years. There are no mountains, it is raining all the time and there is a scythe, the girls are ugly, the food is ugly, no culture and no matter how clever one is, if you are from Eastern Europe, you will find it very difficult. Terrible place. The music I do is positive, it doesn’t work together. When a person is not happy, it simply does not work. Moving to Prague was the best idea ever, ever since.

Are you inspired by someone in production?

Not so specific people as the music styles that I listen to. Mainly Hip-hop, Jazz, Funk, Soul.

Do you remember your first track?

Yes, I do because I still have it uploaded as a private track on my Soundcloud. There are about 5 sounds, but it’s a big roller 😀

What party do you like to remember?

Boat party with LSB and RoyGreen & Protone this year, organized by my friend Music Intelligence. The best party I’ve ever played, I’ve never experienced such vibes. Tomas is going to do great things in Prague in this respect, so it is worth watching him.

Have you tried to produce anything other than drum & bass?

In the drawer, I have some pretty solid real hip hop beats, so if any MC with intellect is interested in them, write to me. Or if there will be enough beats, maybe I will write to someone and there will be some mixtape or something like that. I also have one house bootleg online.

You are currently in Prague, how did you get there and do you plan to stay there?

I got to Prague more or less by chance. When I had enough in England, I was considering returning to Slovakia. I was looking for work and lodging at home and friend from college wrote to me to come to Prague, that he will give me a job. So I went. It was the best life decision I could ever make. I’m not going to leave Prague so soon, but you never know what’s coming. Life somewhere in Innsbruck right under the Alps would also be nice.

What does it look like in your studio, do you use any equipment or could you recommend something to other producers?

More or less standard, midi keys Novation Impulse 61, Focusrite 2i4m audio, 2x M-Audio BX5 D2 speaker, Pioneer PLX 1000 recorder that can sample vinyl straight to the digital, Beyerdynamic DT880 headphones. What I would recommend to any producer: Sonarworks Reference. Whoever wants it, will find it on Google. You won’t regret it.

Do you play any instrument?

I have been learning piano for about a year, but it is slow, because the time I invest in music has to be divided into piano and production, and it is probably clear which thing of the two I prefer. I realized that I won’t be Herbie Hancock so soon, so I guess I’d swap the keys for the MPC soon, that’s also an instrument, right? The instruments in Simple Souls are mainly in charge of Zdeno and Jano.

Do you have someone to master your tracks?

When I send stuff to labels, I give it just my “makeshift master” to have industry-standard volume. If a label likes the track and takes it, it always sends its person to the master. Free tracks I send to Juro Hlávek (former Freemind, now Libera Mentis). Of course, I always try to do my best and I spend most of my time on the mix because the bad mix won’t fix the best mastering engineer in the world.

In what program do you produce and do use any VST?

I produce in Ableton and most of the external effects I use is what everyone uses: things from Fabfilter, Isotope, SPAN, PSP Vintage Warmer, Valhalla room. Generators include Omnisphere, Kontakt and Serum. Standard.

Can we expect a new release in the near future?

We always create new things, so definitely. 30.9 Park compilation is releasing where we will have track and I think there will be one of your things, Andrej. The EP on Boomerang Records is going to be out in mid-November, some collaborations, bootlegs, and stuff. I try to do it so that we give at least one thing every month (EP, Track, Bootleg, DJ Mix) so that people always have something to listen to.

What do you enjoy in your spare time?

Trips with a girlfriend, skateboarding, snowboarding, PlayStation.

What are your favorite labels?

Innerground, V Recordings, Creative Source (although it no longer exists).

In your songs you often use the sounds of live instruments, which some musicians will record to you, how does such a collaboration work?

First of all not some musician, but Jano and Zdeno, these two are a fixed part of Simple Souls and I would definitely like to start performing live. Well, it’s going to be the basic idea of ​​the track and the structure, and I send the boys what I did and what I imagine might be the result. They will then send me mega lots of super material from which I pick the best that goes on the track.

Sometimes you even worked in the “live” electronic group “The Funk Junkiez”, could you tell us what it was, or why it no longer exists?

I would call this a teenage stage in the development of Simple Souls. It was more or less the same as now, only at a much lower quality level. Therefore, we also gave all the tracks out as free downloads. BTW so far they are all on our Soundcloud. It broke up because I went to the UK and the boy’s musicians also had other things in their lives than music.

What are your favorite producers?

LSB, Reso, Dossa & Locuzzed, Marky, Halogenix

Do you also follow our local scene, is there someone you value or do you like their work?

I watch very hard even and I don’t want to name anyone because we have a lot of clever boys and I’m sure I’ll forget someone 😀

Your favorite song right now (even outside dnb)?

Anything from La Roux’s album – Trouble In Paradise, I recently rediscovered it, brilliant.

Your favorite alcohol / drink?


What can we find in your playlist except for dnb?

Hip Hop, Indie Rock, Punk, Synthwave, Retro.

Do you prefer turntables, console or CD players?

Anything but the console.

Your dream job?

Shaper in the snowpark.

How do you see your future?

Girlfriend, sport, entertainment, music, less job.

The biggest fail or cringe situation that happened to you at the event?

Once when I was playing at a party where I was drinking a lot, I was so out of the way that I forgot to control the fader while playing the track and so what the DJ normally hears in the headphones heard the whole club. Since then I have been paying attention to how much I drink before playing.

Do you have a favorite holiday destination or a place you would like to visit?

Clearly a snowboarding trip to Hokkaido Island in Japan.

Summer or Winter?


Coffee or Tea?


Do you have tattoos?

On my left hand, I have a bee that transforms into an abstract color palette. The color palette symbolizes fun in life, a bee hard work. With the extra money, there will be more tattoos.

What’s your favorite meal?

Szeged goulash from Domča.

We thank Peter very much for the interview and will be pleased if you give him to follow on his social networks – FacebookSoundCloudInstagram.


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